Shark Fishing on the Elizabeth Marie

Located at Mill Wharf Marina in Scituate, MA, The Elizabeth Marie fishes Cape Cod Bay, the South Shore, and Stellwagen Bank from tip to tip. The Elizabeth Marie specializes in Tuna fishing, Cod, Striped Bass, Bluefish, and Shark fishing. Make your reservations today for a Cape Cod fishing trip of a lifetime!

The shark fishing out of our port tends to heat up during the month of July, but is best once the water temperatures have risen to their summer heights in late July through the month of September.Shark fishing is typically very consistent with large Blue Sharks the most common.  Blue Sharks are typically photographed and released unharmed.  They put up a fantastic fight and are impressive to say the least.  The other shark species that we encounter are Mako, Porbeagle and  Threshers, all of which are very good to eat. Mako sharks are one of the toughest fish in the sea, and are known to leap upwards of 20 feet into the air when hooked.  A new world record male Mako shark was caught on Stellwagen Bank last season, and the trend shows that Mako sharks are becoming more plentiful every year in our area.  Whenever we go offshore to fish for sharks, we typically set up in areas that hold cod and haddock, and will fish for them while shark fishing.


Our Eco-trips for families and kids take us only a mile or two out of the harbor, where we fish for small sharks or spiny dogfish which are so plentiful they are almost impossible not to catch.  We also fish for Cod, Mackerel, and Pollock which can be plentiful inshore.  These trips make for great birthday parties and are very popular for families with young children.  Once the fishing stops, we take our groups in to pull our lobster traps.  Any lobsters of legal size are the customers to keep, along with the usual abundance of Sand and Jonah Crabs.  Eco-trips provide a nice opportunity for sight-seeing and are a fun and relaxing way to spend any afternoon with the kids. Eco-trips are a unique, affordable and enjoyable experience that the kids will always remember.  Watching a child reel in a 5lb shark in some cases is more exciting for our crew than an adult reeling in a big tuna.

 We are available 7 days a week and have flexible hours so that we can cater to any kind of trip you might want to put together. Each Wednesday we offer shared charters that gives single anglers or friends the opportunity to fish without having to put a full group of six together. Every day at sea on the Elizabeth Marie is a new experience and our crew is very motivated to catch fish. We are as excited to catch fish as our clients. We love to fish and hope to share our regions natural resource and beauty with each and every person that comes aboard.

Our success is a direct result of positive referrals and repeat business! Book today for a thrilling deep sea adventure on the Elizabeth Marie!