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Located at Mill Wharf Marina in Scituate, MA, The Elizabeth Marie fishes Cape Cod Bay, the South Shore, and Stellwagen Bank from tip to tip. The Elizabeth Marie specializes in Tuna fishing, Cod/ Haddock, Striped Bass, Bluefish, and Shark fishing. Make your reservations today at 781-864-7154 for a Cape Cod fishing trip of a lifetime.

2017 Season News – Haddock Fishing is Bountiful!

The 2016 Cape Cod fishing season was outstanding and we expect more of the same for 2017. Our deep sea fishing season started last year in early April, when we enjoyed incredible Cod and Haddock fishing through the month of May. None of our clients went hungry after these early season groundfish slugfests. Into June, the Striped Bass and Tuna Fishing kicked in, putting a few 150lbs tuna over the rail. Into July, the tuna fishing and bass remained consistent as we entered the beginning of the shark fishing season. Many of our trips brought a quick tuna in the boat before heading east to catch some sharks all while pulling cod and haddock into the boat to pass the time and fill the freezer.

*Proposed 2017 Bottom fishing regulations:

  • HADDOCK – 12 per person, boat limit 96
  • SHARK – 1 per day
  • HALIBUT – 1 per day
* Proposed current 2017 regulations are not allowing us to keep cod hopefully this will change but for now please note NO retention of cod for 2017 season.